This week we have been a busy family!  Jay’s parents came down for a quick visit before he leaves for Korea next week.  While they were here, we did some site-seeing and shopping together.

One of the places we checked out was the Mulvane Art Museum in Topeka.  Located on the Washburn University campus, it was closer that I previously imagined to where we go to shop on a regular basis.

When we found the place, we all decided that it would be a lot more fun and interesting to go check out the basement of the museum, instead of walk through the museum itself.

If that sounds weird- you should know that the basement is where the ArtLab is.  What is more fun that looking at art?

Making art!

Drawing on the wall


We all had a lot of fun.  Every station had a cool activity or techinque that the kids could try- from drawing on walls with chalk to making prints with markers and wet paper.

The girls really liked the silhouette wall, where they could draw each others’ outlines with dry-erase markers.  They also liked the watercolor painting, collage making, and of course- legos.

There was a whole room of legos!

Raven’s lego horse

 Gus really enjoyed the hands-on environment too.  We had fun cutting, gluing, drawing, making towers, and  playing with the light box.

I was really impressed by the ArtLab.  It didn’t cost us a penny to get it- totally free.  And we could spend hours in that place.

I liked how the people working were friendly and helpful.  But what impressed me most is how they treated the children as real artists.  They didn’t show them how to make ‘better’ art, they complimented them on the art they were already making.

I really wish we lived closer, but that might be dangerous.  We might live at the ArtLab if we were closer!

For now, it is on our list of awesome stops to keep the kids busy and have some unschooling fun!

Build a tower


Then knock it down!


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