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Top 10 Favorite Websites to Use for Homeschooling

This was a hard list to do!  We love the internet here at casa de Bussinger.  We use it every day, with the odd exception of a vacation or days when we dedicate to no computer time so we can relax and spend time all together.

So it wasn’t hard to think of a thousand websites that we love to use for learning, organizing, and ideas.

But, I managed to narrow it down the ones I have used on a consistent basis for a long period of time.

These are not listed in any order of preference.

1. Homeschool Share

Before we found notebooking, we were hooked on lapbooks!  We still love to do them, but as the girls get older we have widened our repertoire.

At Homeschool Share, there are hundreds of free lapbooks and unit studies that contain everything you need to just print off, find some books at the library, and go to town!

One of our favorite features of the site when Raven was younger was the Five In a Row Resources.  There are activities and lapbooks for many of the books in the series.

2. Notebooking Fairy

The Notebooking Fairy sprinkles her pixie dust, sharing beautifully made printables, along with links and ideas for integrating notebooking into your homeschool.

I go here all the time for inspiration and encouragement (ok, AND for the free printables).  She has a monthly round-up that highlights some of the best notebooking pages around the web.

Jimmies’ ebook, Notebooking Success, is an awesome read.  We have been notebooking for roughly 4 years now, and even I learned a lot from her book.

3. Starfall

Starfall is a free online game/education site that focuses on the early years and learning phonics and reading.  Recently they have expanded to offer a paid area that provides even more, such as math and songs.

Denna literally taught herself to read using this website.  The interface is easy, simple clicking is all that is needed.  The alphabet and phonics are presented in an engaging way- through visual and auditory cues.

The site even has printable materials that you can use to supplement.

4. Kids 4 Truth

We love to have daily encouragement and talk-points about God and the Bible.  Kids 4 Truth has a daily devotional that is different from anything I have seen online.

They have a devotion, but they also have a “moment in real life”- usually from the life of a missionary, as well as a character of God, a question, and a “big Christian word” that they highlight each day.

You can even listen to the devotion and missionary story, as well as subscribe to the podcast!

5. Notebooking Pages

More notebooking!

A vast site with extensive collections, Notebooking Pages has both free downloads and products for purchase.

There are articles about notebooking, a forum where you can discuss and share pictures, and much more!

6. Kiddie Records Weekly

What keeps kids happier or quieter at bedtime than a nice story?

Kiddie Records Weekly will provide you with classic stories and songs from old records for a long, long time!

Load them onto an mp3 player or make cd’s and take them in the car on long trip.  These stories are fabulous!

7. Donna Young

This site is more for me than the kids.  If you are looking for planners, forms, schedules, and more- then you have to check out Donna Young‘s awesome site.

Organized into subject or topic, there are forms and printables for things like homeschool records, grocery shopping, math drills, etc.

8. Joyfully Rejoicing

This site is about unschooling. And it’s about parenting more peacefully. But overall it’s about living more joyful family lives. If I had to summarize it the message would be “Put the relationship first and then figure out how to fit everything else around that.”

Front and center at this site, you will find Joyce Fetteroll’s goal for Joyfully Rejoicing.

There are some great unschooling sites out there.  I even write for one (  But Joyfully Rejoicing is where I go to lift and lighten my soul.

Her writing is just so full of grace.  The site hasn’t been updated in a few years, but you can still find all her articles about unschooling.  She answers questions from people in magnificent ways.

9. YouTube

We love YouTube.  Where else can you find a video about Martin Luther sung to the tune of “Manic Monday”?

There are questionable things on YouTube.  But I find that there are lots of learning tools on there as well.  I search first, and then share with my kids afterwards.

Here are a few channels you can check out:

10. Google

 Dum. Dum. Dum.

Think I’m cheating by using Google at my #10?  Well, just thinking of how much I use Google and it’s conglomerate of sites and functions each day, it easily comes in as the biggest online tool in our homeschool.

I use, on a weekly basis:

  • Google search
  • Google documents
  • Google+
  • Google Calendar
  • Gmail
  • Google Play
  • Google Reader
  • Google Chrome (it is my main browser)
  • and more depending on the week

I’m not a Google freak by any means, but it is just handy to have everything right there for me to use without having to bookmark a bunch of sites and remember where to go to find what I need.

My kids love Google too.  We share documents and calendar events with one another.  We talk on gmail chat.  It just works as a great tool in our homeschool!

What are your favorite websites to use for homeschooling?

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3 Responses to Top 10 Sites I Use for Homeschooling

  1. Aadel, I had not heard of Kids 4 Truth and Kiddie Record Weekly… they both sound great, so I am going to check them out now! I love that all of us have different resources and now I’m adding to mine!

    • Aadel says:

      I am excited to go check out some of the other lists! I might find a few to bookmark and utilize in our adventures this summer!

  2. Jimmie says:

    Honored to be included. Thank you. And Kiddie Records! Yes! I forgot that site. It’s a really fun one!

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