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We have big news at the Bussinger house this week!

Snippet #1

Denna has been asking to be baptized for a long time now.  We wanted her to be mature enough to understand the decision, as well as old enough to hold her head under water.  So we waited.

But she could wait no longer!  We wanted to do the baptism before Jay leaves for a year.  So on Sunday she “took the plunge”.


The girls found a bird nest in the neighbor’s tree.  They have been carefully watching and waiting to see the baby birds emerge.

The other day while we were grilling out, they got a chair and investigated.  It turns out that the wind had blown the nest to the ground, babies and all.  In place of a nest there was a cardboard box- the neighbors had rescued the birds and gave them a surrogate nest.

Don’t those burgers look yummy?  1/2 beef, 1/2 bison, 100% mesquite smoked.


Denna and I have been learning about the Human Body together.  I am helping her make a lapbook and do some cool experiments.

We also found videos on BrainPop that explain each system of the body.


Gaius loves water, dirt, and being outside.  So the other day, when I was preparing our awesome hand-me-down raised beds, he experimented with how water pours.

I call it physics in action!


Yesterday we took a trip to Topeka as just a short family trip.  We decided to check out the Kansas Museum of History since Raven is interested in the Civil War.

The kids were so enthralled with all the free stuff you can do, we didn’t even pay to go inside the actual museum.  But we plan on making an “official” trip in the future.

We played in the Discovery Center:

Denna uses a scale to weigh market produce.

The girls play in a tipi.

Gaius drives tractors and plays with the farm animals.

We also played outside on the playground and checked out the walking trails.  And- we bought a couple Civil War books at the museum shop.


I have been organizing and putting together the girls’ notebooks, which will serve as “proof” of what they have been learning this year.  These will be part of our homeschool records, along with this blog and  my journal/date-keeper.

The kids have been interested in looking at the projects they have completed, and it has brought up some great conversations about what they have accomplished, what they want to learn about, and how much we have learned despite not having a set curriculum.


Our seventh unschooling snippet is just spending time together as a family.

Jay will be leaving soon for Korea.  We have precious little time left with him and it seems there is so much we need to get done.

But we are trying to capture each moment to just spend time as a whole family that we can.  We want to make the most of our fellowship, of our given time.  And that is part of what unschooling is about- letting life be the guide and trusting that God has your family in his hands.

Link up your seven snippets of unschooling over at Winging It.

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2 Responses to Baptism, Physics, and Kansas History

  1. Joan Concilio Otto says:

    Oh my goodness, I wish I had said that: And that is part of what unschooling is about- letting life be the guide and trusting that God has your family in his hands.

    AMEN <3

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