May the Fourth be With You!

Today is May 4th- also known as Star Wars Day!

I had planned on doing some awesome crafts and activities with the kids in preparation for this day, but we got so into our Wild Bill Hickok books that I completely forgot!

But I did collect a lot of fun ideas.

Our Favorite Star Wars Products

Of course, our favorite Star Wars movies are the original trilogy.

Jay and I have talked about what makes the original movies so appealing, even today.  We are both convinced that the rich story line, paired with the fact that there is no major language, sexual content, or gratuitous gore makes these perfect for the generations to watch together.

I have nothing against the newer movies.  But they pale in comparison (for me anyway) to the creative genius of the first three produced.

Our favorite Star Wars game is Lego Star Wars (The Complete Saga)

We own this on both our Wii system as well as Denna’s DS.  The girls play this Lego game the most out of the four we own.

And of course we have actual Star Wars Lego sets.

We don’t own a lot of the sets- maybe one or two.  But we do have several of the mini-figures.  The girls like building their own vehicles and sets and playing out stories with the figures.

Star Wars Sites to Explore

Want to have some fun this fourth?

Here are some great websites to check out with the whole family!

How are you celebrating the force today?

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2 Responses to Happy Star Wars Day!

  1. Mary says:

    I love this!! Thank you thank you! How did I NOT know about the music of Star Wars site? I so could have used that when I was working on my interest led composer study of John Williams!!!

    Great post, Adel!

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