How can something as silly as a completely bizarre Youtube video cause your kids to dig deep into learning?

Never underestimate the power of a child’s curiosity!

My kids love this video:

Don’t attempt to make any sense out of it- just let it be what it is.

This video has been reproduced multiple times in our family room by all three of my children.  One of the magical things about childhood is the ability to find joy in the simplest things.

But, to my surprise, this silly video was the catalyst for my girls to seek out these books at the library the other day:

No mushroom book though.  Maybe they will cover that topic next.

So far the girls have informed me that badgers are mustelids and they are related to ferrets.  They make a “musk” with their glands on their rump, like a skunk (which they are also related to).

And so we have been watching videos about real badgers, looking up facts online, and talking about all things mustelid.

Here are some cool sites to learn more about badgers:

And snakes were already popular in our house after the girls got a box of wiggle snakes for Christmas.

Here are some snake resources:

Gaius is especially fascinated by snakes.  He likes to pretend with his play snake.  He has another favorite snake video:

What was the weirdest source of learning for your family?

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