Does your family include any scripture memorization in your worship and devotions?

We go to AWANA every week throughout the school year, but we also try to make memorizing scripture an every day part of our lives.

One great way to do that is through scripture songs, AKA Bible memory songs.  They are basically Bible verses set to music.

Songs, especially well-arranged songs, are easier to get stuck in your head.  I’m sure you have experienced the occasional catchy tune being ingrained in your subconscious mind.  When you intentionally listen to scripture music and focus on the words, you will be providing fertile soil for your whole family to grow God’s word in your hearts.

And there are some awesome resources out there for scripture songs!  Here are five of our favorite albums:

1. Hide Em In Your Heart by Steve Green

This album contains some of our all-time favorite arrangements of scripture into song.  Steven Green teams up with a group of children on the vocals.

The production on this is top notch.  The songs don’t make me cringe and I find myself singing these catchy tunes all the time.

The girls especially like “Keep Your Tongue” and “Hosanna”.

Available in CD or downloadable MP3.

Price: $11-14 depending on format

There are 2 volumes of these scripture songs, plus a worship for kids album!

2. Seeds of Faith by Seeds Family Worship

Simple arrangements with a modern sound, this album will delight everyone in the family.  While the Steve Green albums might be for younger children, this collection is truly for the entire family.

Seeds Family Worship has an entire website where you can download memory cards and a verse checklist to go with the cd’s.

From their description:

The team at Seeds Family Worship continues to create great, scripture-based music. But, we also see God’s call to further equip churches and homes with ways to encourage families to worship together. We want to hear the needs, joys, and hopes for family worship in your church.

There are now 6 Seeds albums.  We have enjoyed the Seeds of Faith volume, and plan to buy more!

Available as MP3 downloads at Amazon or as Cd’s on their website.

Price: Cd’s $17-19, MP3 albums $8-10.  You can also download individual songs for $.99 each.

3. Acoustic Sing Along by Holy Oatmeal

What is Holy Oatmeal?

When worship becomes part of everything we do and we don’t separate God from the rest of our life even something as boring and mundane as a bowl of oatmeal can become holy unto God.  We can learn to laugh, cry, play, sing, eat, hang, watch movies and even go to church all as an act of worship unto God.

Matthew Casteel has created some awesome scripture memory songs over at his site.  His first album is even available for free from NoiseTrade (although I’m sure he would appreciate a donation).  You just enter your email address and zip code and you will receive an email with a link to download the album!

The songs are flowing and worshipful; they would make great bedtime songs.  We have been listening to them in the car.

Price: Free but donations welcome

 4. Jesus Our Joy by Covenant Life Church

The Music and Worship Ministry at Covenant Life Church created this album that focuses on verses throughout the book of Philippians.

They also have one for the book of Galatians.  Both albums are free to download!

These would be great if your family was studying either book.  Or they can serve as a starting point for choosing verses to memorize out of each book of the bible.

Price: Free!

5. Verses About Being Special by Hermie and Friends

The scripture memory songs by Hermie and friends are grouped by topic (obeying, being special, being truthful, etc.)  They work great for younger kids.

Although these are not our favorite albums, they do provide quality arrangements and the songs are well done.  I think we have been spoiled with some of the albums previously listed and so these sound a little “cartoony” to us.

However, I know several families that use these regularly for their devotions and to just listen to together.

We like some of the songs on the Being Special album.  They are uplifting and encouraging!

Price: Cd’s $7


How can you use these albums to help your kids memorize scripture?

Whether you listen to the music in the car or during devotion time, make it a point to talk to your kids about the verses.  Look up the verse in the Bible, learn the context and what it means.

Another great way to do scripture memory is to incorporate it into your regular worship and study of the Bible.  Find out what verses the kids are studying at Sunday school and work on them as a family at home.  Choose a focus verse based on your personal devotions and print it out and put it on the wall.

Use one of the scripture songs and make it “verse of the month“. Play and sing the song regularly together.

What other ways do you study scripture at home?

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2 Responses to 5 Awesome Scripture Memory Albums For Families

  1. terry mclellan says:

    Thankyou for the free download,that I may share the scriptures in song!!

  2. Rene says:

    There are some new ones here I’ve looking forward to checking out! Vastly different, but two others that my kids and I have loved through the years are Scripture Rock (fast paced and fun when you want to jam) and various CD’s from the Harrow family at Sing the Word. (reverent with a beautiful variety of instruments accompanying both adult and children’s gifted voices for when you’re not quite up for jamming). Thanks again for the recommendations. Heading over to check some out. 🙂

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