After we started re-reading The Phantom Tollbooth together, I had asked Denna if she would like to make the lapbook that I had created a while back.

She was excited about making another lapbook since we haven’t really done any projects lately:

I love her idea to draw the different faces of the Dodecahedron on the minibook!

As we finish more of the book- and lapbook- I will share more pictures of the completed project.

Along with our fiction book, we have been trying to read one chapter of Jesus Freaks for our devotional at suppertime.

A Facebook friend reminded me of this great book.  Created by DC Talk and Voice of the Martyrs, the book contains stories of people who have been persecuted for their faith in Christ.

Last night we read the story of the first New Testament martyr- Stephen.  Here is a picture that Raven drew while she listened:

The whole family has been encouraged by the stories in the book, both old and new.

If you are looking for something to read about the persecution of Christians today, I highly recommend checking out the Voice of the Martyrs website and looking at their children’s section- Kids of Courage.  They have a number of “Bold Believers” books for different countries that would make great unit studies!  We have done Iraq and Nigeria in the past.

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