My son loves trains.  In fact, this is his favorite book right now:

Due in part to his love of all things railroad, the girls have also been enjoying learning about trains.  We watch Thomas the Train, Chuggington, and Dinosaur Train on Netflix.  We show Gus train videos on Youtube.  And we print train coloring pages for him.

So- I thought I would collect some links to keep us busy.  And I will share them with you!  I am also working on making some of my own train printables (notebooking and lapbooking) from public domain books that I have shared over at Homeschool Commons.

Look at these great illustrations:

In the meantime, enjoy the following links:

Print train-themed signs, roleplaying sets, and educational tools from SparkleBox!

  1. Number Train 1-20
  2. Train Station Role-play Pack
  3. Train Ride Visual Aids
  4. Phonics and Alphabet Train

Print out your own paper toy train and assemble it together!

Build Your Own Train at Family Fun:

  1. Steam Engine
  2. Passenger Car
  3. Cargo & Freight Cars
  4. Road Signs

And here are some other printable train models.

I even found a preschool Bible lesson that is train-themed at the Preschool Post. It is based around our “strength in Christ”.

And here are some more train books that we recommend:

What fun things have you been learning about?

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  2. Lee Wind says:

    Will definitely be sharing your train unit info – thanks for sharing, and thanks as well for being part of the Comment challenged 2012 edition!
    Keep on commenting,

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