I almost didn’t realize that Christmas was over!

Our holiday vacation was 2 1/2 weeks long- something we desperately needed since we are preparing for another year-long separation.  Some of the time Jay was working 1/2 days and so we just hung out in the afternoons playing games, cleaning up the house, and making gifts.

There were days when we were completely lazy (yesterday for example) and days that we were so busy we barely got everything done!

But now that the decorations are put away and hubby is back to work, reality is setting back in for me.

The girls are finding places to store all the cool stuff they got in the past 2 weeks.

Most of their gifts were themed around their favorite pastime- crafts!





Raven got an Exacto knife so she can cut cleaner lines on her duct tape wallets and bracelets.  She has been improving her skill with the help of a teen at our church who has her own duct tape craft business.

Denna got some cool bead and mosaic kits from my mom, and both the girls got tons of craft/art supplies from the dollar store as part of our gift exchange this past weekend.

Also high on the list of exciting craftiness was the Crayola Modeling Dough they got way back at Thanksgiving time.  We didn’t have a whole lot of space to get it out- until we cleaned during vacation!

The girls love this clay/dough because it air dries and it is really easy to work with.  Unlike some dough that can be hard to get warmed up, this is light and fluffy.  Raven also got a jewelry making kit that uses the same dough from a friend.  She has been making beads and pendants to use with her jewelry supplies.

With all the crafting going on this week, I am not sure where I am going to put everything!  Both the bookcase in the girls’ closet and the one out in our front room are already packed with stuff!

What kinds of projects have you been doing since Christmas?  Made any fun crafts?

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