Self Directed Language Help With Reading Horizons Online

I have long suspected that Raven (11) had dyslexic tendencies.  We never had her tested because a) she could read well, and b) I wanted her to have confidence that she would develop strategies to overcome some of her struggles without being labeled.

But the idea has been at the back of my mind for some time.  Her biggest issues are spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

An excerpt of her writing from 1 year ago (from her NaNoWriMo project):

They reached a sing that read, “hello your journey is ending soon mount maiden is just one day away thank you for your visit” Celia screamed in excitement, “yes yes yes only one day and i get to see my dad ye yes yes” then they all ran to another sign.It read, “well you made it this far try the other sign see how far  you have” Celia said, “we don’t need