As soon as Gus saw the snow this morning, all he wanted to say was, “More outside?”  Snow outside!”  So when Daddy came home from work at noon the girls got their gear on and took him for a sled ride.

Isn’t it funny how the snow is so magical and fun to young children?  When you get older you dread having to scoop and sweep and deal with wet squishy boots in the house.  I still love the snow though.  I hope it stays around for Christmas morning.

So today was a sort-of snow day for us.  I finished up some craft projects and started others.  The girls played computer, listened to Christmas cd’s, and helped me make cookies.  We made some awesome cookies too:

Sugar cookies and German spice cookies.  Tomorrow we will frost the sugar cookies and hopefully make our little treat plates to give to friends and neighbors.

Tonight for supper I tried something new.  We have been eating as little grains as possible these last few weeks.  So far we have done pretty well (except for the cookies- ahem).

I put a pork tenderloin in the oven and was trying to think of some veggie to go with it.  I came up with a yummy stir-fry mix that doesn’t use any noodles or rice.

I sliced up an onion, half a head of cabbage, and 2 yellow squash and sauteed them in hot coconut oil.  I added 1 Tb of grated ginger and 1/4 cup San-J’s Thai Peanut sauce.  Towards the end of cooking I added 1 can of bean sprouts.  We served it with a dash of soy sauce.  It was super yummy.

Denna complained about the strange food, so I made some macaroni and cheese for her and Gus to eat.  I don’t know when that kid will ever try anything new, but for now I am not going to battle her.  Raven was just as picky at that age, and now she will try just about anything- to include stuff I don’t even want to try.

The snow play must have worn the little guy out because he went to bed right away for us tonight.  When the girls lie down I might start making them each a pair of slippers for their stockings.  I haven’t decided yet how many projects I am going to try to complete.  I guess I’ll just do each one as they come to me!

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