I bought a pattern the other day at the quilt shop.  I don’t normally buy patterns for bags but these humbug bags looked really simple and it gave me a chance to use up the scrap fleece and extra zippers from my thrift store/garage sale finds.

The pattern is so easy.  You simply quilt two scraps of fabric together (with batting in between of course) and then sew your zipper on and the ends shut.  You can add a handle or a purse loop.  You can also make humbug bags in all different sizes for makeup bags, dice bags, etc.

I didn’t add any extra handles on the first three I made.  They were my prototypes to show to you and to test out the pattern.

I love the simplicity of these bags!  Their shape just gives them a little bit of dimension that makes them pop.

First you cut out your outside fabric, lining fabric, and batting.  I made the smallest sized bags so my pieces were about 10×8.  I like to use up my scrap flannel and fleece for the batting.  Then you make a sandwich with your inner  and outer fabrics facing out.  Pin in various places so it doesn’t slide around.

Next you quilt your fabric pieces together. You can use a walking foot and make straight lines or you can do some free-motion quilting.  A note about machine quilting:

The foot on the left is a walking foot.  It will only do straight lines and you need to have your feed dogs up while using it.  Use slow stitches and take your time.

The foot on the right is a free-motion foot.  You can find both of these at your local Joann Fabrics or online.  Make sure you get the right kind for you machine brand.  With free-motion quilting, you want to put your feed dogs down!  You will be moving the fabric, not your machine.

This is what some of my free-motion quilting looks like.  I just did circles and squiggles and tried to cover as much area as I could before starting in a new spot.

As you can see here, my feed dogs are down and I am checking to make sure my needle goes through the center of my foot.  I don’t want a broken needle to come flying at me!

Also make sure that if you have a speed control on your machine that it is set to the highest speed while free-motion quilting.  Slow stitches will cause your bobbin thread to look funny and your stitches will look long and wonky.

When you have your piece quilted, you simply cut it down to the size you need.  You sew your zipper onto one end- right sides together.  The process is a little tricky but its pretty easy once you get the hang of it.

One of the sides is sewn perpendicular to the other.

A view at the inside of the bag- don’t you love the fabric?

You can get the full pattern for the humbug bag as a download here.

For another way to add the zipper, Paula has a great tutorial over at Sew little Fabric.

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    Glad you enjoyed our QuiltWoman.com pattern for the Humbug Bag! Your bags look great!

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