I’m not going to do a linky this week for my reading post.  I will be gone on vacation and so I am not going to have access to the internet on a regular basis to update my blog.

These Temporary Tents

This week was a whirlwind of activity.  You can read my last post for some of our latest updates.

The girls haven’t gotten as much reading time in as they usually do.  So, this week’s post will be pretty short.

When we have the time to sit outside and play in the leaves or on the couch during brother’s naptime, we have been trying to read a few books from my Nook.  We started reading Little Wanderers by Margaret Warner Morley and the girls really enjoy the little narrations about seeds and how they travel.  I found the book to be very enjoyable as well. So much so that I created a set of notebooking pages to go with the book:

You can download them from my website Homeschool Commons.

Denna has been enjoying reading one of her favorite series of books.  This time, instead of mom reading them to her she is reading them by herself.

The Mr. Putter and Tabby books by Cynthia Rylant are funny, catchy, and endearing.  Mr. Putter, the old bachelor, decides to adopt a cat and finds an old wrinkled tabby that becomes his constant companion. 

Other than finishing our audiobook of The Phantom Tollbooth, the girls have been listening to the 1st season of Down Gilead Lane again.  Raven has also been browsing through Calvin & Hobbes:

What books have your kids been reading?  What are you reading together as a family?  Feel free to leave a comment below!

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4 Responses to What the Kids are Reading Nov 14-20

  1. n.boone321@yahoo.com says:

    Elysia just finished Sarah Plain and tall.

  2. Lindsi says:

    Great ideas and love that book (Sarah Plain and Tall)! Thanks for linking up last week for Fun Stuff Fridays. I’d love you to link up with us again.

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