I feel like blushing!  I was nominate in two categories for the Homeschool Blog Awards over at The Homeschool Post!

  • Favorite Homeschool Mom Blog
  • Best Encourager Blog

I truly appreciate the nominations!  You can vote for These Temporary Tents at the links above and give me a heave ho towards winning some of those awesome prizes!

I know that my blog has gone through some changes in the past year.  Our family has gone through some changes as well.  I have taken on other projects online and our homeschooling has gradually moved towards unschooling.

But this is why I keep writing.  Knowing that I have been an encouragement to someone out there makes it all worthwhile.  We have been plunking along on our own little homeschooling journey for almost 6 years now and along the way I have met many families that have been an encouragement to me.

So again, thank you.  THANK YOU!!!!  Just to know that there are kindred souls out there than read my blog is awesome!

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