Tonight was the annual Harvest Festival at our Awana church club.  Normally the girls go as unique Bible characters but this year they wanted to do something a little different.

We spent the entire afternoon together planning, cutting, and sewing.  Then we printed masks and did makeup.  We went all out!

Denna wanted to be a mermaid princess:

Her outfit was pretty easy; we pieced together some items from her play clothes and sewed on some embellishments.

I did make the tiara:

I used a simple template for the shape, 2 layers of fabric for the front and back, and a layer of stiff interfacing in between.  I didn’t have time to flip it inside out so I just left the raw edges.

By making a little opening at the bottom I was able to slide a small headband through so she could wear the tiara comfortably.

Raven’s costume was a little more time consuming.  She was an owl:

She found the idea for her costume at it was a combination of the owl and bat costumes.  She wanted wings!

Cutting out all the feathers was Raven’s job while I worked on sewing the wings.  She did a good job.  We tried to make a hat with owl eyes on it but it didn’t look right to us.  We decided on masks last minute.  They also got makeup.  Raven didn’t like hers so we just stayed with a brown tint and some glitter.

Raven’s mask came from Jan Brett’s website– one of our favorite authors!  Denna got hers here.  Gus also had a little mask- a starfish found on SparkleBoxHe kept thinking his mask was an owl like sissy’s so he was saying “hoo hoo” all night.

Of course, he wouldn’t stay still for a picture!

What costumes are you preparing for harvest/halloween/dressup/etc?

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  1. Missysuebell says:

    These are fantastic!!!! I love the make-up on your mermaid! That owl costume is spectacular!

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