I am so excited that I found this blog-hop.  At the last possible second too!

We’re inviting you to blog about your education style, your favorite field trip places, and ideas you’ll use this year.

After a grueling summer filled with college classes, I have emerged out of my dazed-state completely unprepared for our homeschool journey this year.

Our education style has consistently been relaxed and eclectic since we started 7 years ago.  I started with whatever we could find at the thrift store to teach my oldest to read in 2004.  From there, we have tried the more traditional “scheduled, packaged” route and failed miserably.

The best way to describe our flavor of homeschooling would be to say that we “family-school”.  We have individual interests and pursuits but we come together as a family to learn together.  Math, science, history, and all other subjects happen through projects.  We read together a lot.  The girls listen to a lot of audiobooks.  Lapbooking and notebooking are a huge part of our learning process– as both the girls and I have seen the positive effects of categorizing and recording what we study.

The key to working together is asking.  Rather than planning and preparing curriculum and lesson plans for my children, I ask them if they would be willing to complete something or what they would like to study.

This year, as I said before, I have no plans for our studies other than general ideas.  We studied the Middle Ages and Renaissance last year, and so this weekend we are attending a Renaissance Festival as a family to celebrate and have hands-on experience.

Our current projects revolve around pirates, horses, and shapes as those are the topics that the girls have the greatest interest in.  I have been planning some learning activities in geometry and art to suggest, and we have been working on pirate lapbooks and notebooks for a couple weeks now.

Other field trips that I have planned for the year include:

  • Kansas State Fair
  • Various local theater productions (including The King and I)
  • Milford Nature Center
  • Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha
  • A trip to Wisconsin to visit family (and visit some educational places along the way)

Whatever else we might be doing or studying is completely up in the air at this point.  We might continue on with our journey through history or we might decide to focus on another theme.  I plan to watch some videos and do some journaling with the girls about the 10th anniversary of 9/11 (as we are a military family and it affected the way we live).

Now it is your turn!  What is your education style?  What are some fun field trips or projects you have planned for this year?

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