Horse Gaits Notebooking Pages

Do you know the different gaits of a horse? There are four natural ways that a horse can move: walk, trot, canter (or lope), and gallop.  Each gait varies in speed and in the order the horse’s hoofs meet the ground. explains horse gaits thoroughly.

There are breeds of horses called “gaited” breeds that have additional gaits.  Some of these are a result of genetics and some are a combination of breeding and training.

Here is a set of notebooking pages for the 4 natural gaits of a horse:

Horse Gaits Note Booking

*note: Scribd may ask you to pay for the download.  If this is the case please download the pages from HSlaunch which is always free.  I primarily use Scribd for the ability to embed a doc preview into my posts.

Here are some other horse documents I have created in the past:

Make sure to check out my freebies page above to see more of what I have created and/or compiled.

Are there any notebooking or lapbooking pages that you would like to see here?  Leave a comment below- I would love to create something that would be useful!

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