We have had a huge zucchini sitting in our refrigerator for about 3 weeks now.

It was a surprise guest in our weedy contemptuous garden, and it had secretly grown under the mess until it was too big to eat raw in a salad.

Tonight I decided to do something with that huge mutant squash.

I just didn’t know what.

So I peeled it, shredded it, and set it in a strainer to drain while I scoured the internet for ideas.

Zucchini noodles?  No- my family would never go for that.

Hmm.  Latkes?  I have no idea what those are and since we are running short on groceries until payday I was pretty sure I couldn’t pull them off.

Finally I ran across this:  Five things to do with shredded zucchini

I decided on the simplest looking item, Zucchini squares.  It sounded like a yummy mix between a breakfast casserole and a muffin.

I didn’t have any onions or feta cheese.  I substituted garlic for the onions; 1/4 cup cream cheese and some shredded farmer’s cheese for the feta.

Raven put all the ingredients together for me and poured it into a big glass baking dish.

The smell from the oven was heavenly.

Verdict?  Everyone really liked these savory, cheesy squares that taste nothing like zucchini. Everyone that is except Denna.  She didn’t like the texture and chose to have salad with our home-grown yellow pear tomatoes instead.

Gaius gave the new stuff two cheesy thumbs up!  He ate two squares by himself along with his applesauce.

This recipe will definitely be going in my “frugal quickies” file.  Next time, I will try the onion and some different cheese for a flavor twist.

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