Hoist the main sail!  Denna chose Pirates for her topic of interest this fall and so we are embarking on a journey to seek our treasure.

Most of the pirate resources we are using I collected a couple years ago when we started lapbooking.  We found several books from the library and online to read together.

Denna is making a lapbook and since Raven likes to listen in on our pirate tales, she is doing some notebooking alongside us.

Here are some of the resources we have pooled together:

Free Lapbook Resources:

Free Notebooking Pages:

Free Ebooks about Pirates:

Resources to purchase:

To get in the piratey mood, we watched Treasure Island last night.

This morning I read to the girls while they colored and drew.  Denna got a coloring book and some pirate stickers from the Toy Store yesterday in Topeka.

She was more excited about the stickers but we decided to save them to fill in blank spots in her lapbook.

Raven drew a very nice pirate ship and wrote about the different kinds of ships that were popular with buccaneers in the “golden age of pirates”.

After reading together, Denna completed a few minibooks and glued them into her folder.


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