While Raven was finishing her Middle Ages lapbook, Denna decided that she would like to create a lapbook for the book we recently finished- My Father’s Dragon.  Both the girls really enjoyed this tale and we have been reading the second book in the series.

Homeschoolshare has a complete unit study/lapbook for this title, and the minibooks we used all came from there.  However, we found some of the activities to be too difficult for Denna or some of the research too time-consuming for what we were trying to accomplish.

It was really amazing how much of the story she can remember just by explaining the minibooks!

There are three books in the series- we got them all from the Scholastic catalog for about $5.

The cover has the map of Wild Island and Tangerina.

Denna did a great job of illustrating the evidence!

As with all our lapbooks, this one will go into our yearly binder.  These binders, along with our other projects and forms, serve as a record of what we do and an assessment of how the girls are progressing.  I love having a visual representation that can be shown to family, professionals, and other homeschoolers of exactly what we have studied and in what ways the girls have improved in their skills.

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