Native American Unit- Tipi

Yesterday Denna and I found some more resources for our study of the Plains Indians at the local library.   Finding projects to keep her busy has been challenging, as most of what she is interested in is above her writing and reading level.  She gawks at the phonics books, telling me they are for “babies”.

“Well, baby or not,” I inform her, “this is what I know you can do.”

This only gets her more infuriated.  I can understand her frustration.  I am not a firm believer in grade levels and gradated curriculum. Raven, for example, reads at a 5th-6th grade level, writes at about a 2nd grade level, and does math at the “right” strength for her age.  Her abilities have not flourished at a constant rate. She figured out horse biology in about 2 days. Multiplication took her 2 years.  Card games took her about 2 hours.  Spelling she may never master.